Sunday, May 23, 2010

Service to God and Country..Memorial Day Thoughts..

As I write, I am sitting near an Army Reserve location in Indiana. Watching soldiers, come and go from the base like ants who all look alike busy scurrying about doing their busy work. The business of war. The business of defending freedoms that you and I take for granted every day.

As a female those freedoms are as simple as choosing what I want to wear, the right to be single or marry a man of my choosing, the right to vote, the right to bear arms, swear, drink alcohol, and work in a profession that I want. I can go to a store and spend my money on items I want. I can go to school and learn about anything I desire. I can read any material I choose.

Unlike many of my female peers who continue to feel "wronged" in the game of life's fairness; I am grateful for the rights and freedoms that we have as women in America. I am eternally grateful to those who put their lives in the line of danger every day so that I can enjoy my very self serving free choices..

It saddens me to hear about Americans bemoaning their lot in life..I say "Spoiled, entitlement seeking, immature humans..grow up!" grateful...rejoice, and be humble in the gifts you have as an American..!

In honor of the upcoming Memorial Day Holiday, I ask you to spend time with your families, and share a moment honoring those freedoms, and those who have given their lives so you can eat that steak, wear that bikini and drink that martini...

May God's grace find and keep those safe serving in war zones, and may God give comfort to the families who have lost sons and daughters this year, may you know that there are Americans who honor and are humbled by the dedication and service of your family and loved ones. We share in your sorrow and loss.

To those whom are living with physical reminders of their service to this country, may you find healing and comfort in knowing that we support you and honor you for your service. God has a special place reserved for you, your a living reminder to the rest of us to not take freedom for granted.. So this month I challenge you all; buy a poppy, visit a veteran, buy a service man or woman a coffee or a meal if you see them..Demonstrate your appreciation always as we honor and remember on this very special holiday.

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