Monday, November 24, 2008


As I sit here in my warm pink flannel jammies..eating a great apple..I ponder the day I had; the life I am living; and the choices that I have everyday..Today was a Monday..and like any other Monday, my day was filled with a host of characters..some who amaze me, some who annoy me; and others who fill my heart with sorrow at their struggles..

I turned 41 this weekend; and as I think of the crazy year that my 40th birthday brought to me; I am grateful and thankful that it is over and I am on my new path with renewed hope, direction and by God's grace a life filled with purpose and plan.

But what am I thankful for? Beyond the cliche, my health and family..I have found a few that will perhaps delight and remind us of the simple lessons and joys that "living vs. existing" brings to us. Open your mind and your eyes will see like a blind man seeing light for the first can be an amazing thing...Jana

What I am thankful for..a list of 41 things my life has taught me to appreciate..(In no order..those who know me-know that randomness drives my mind)...

1. Warm socks when the tiled floor hits the feet in the morning..
2. The smell of fresh brewed coffee as it is delivered to me in the morning..
3. Having a man in my life who brings me hot coffee when I am getting ready for the day..

4. Milk new found candy addiction.
5. When traffic moves faster then the speed limit..
6. Putting on a pair of pants or a skirt that I haven't worn in awhile and it still fits!
7. The amazing shoe collection that my ex husband unknowingly helped me amass...
8. Having a job that is fairly recession proof, and job skills that are needed in the future..thank god for health care..
9. Staff who have constant negative attitudes and ethics issues..Their behavior keeps me gainfully in need and employed..
10. A best friend who knows my secrets and loves me in spite of them..
11. My stepson for teaching me a new approach to life and the love of spontaneous thoughts and giving.
12. My I age her idle chatter and life lessons have finally fallen on open ears and mind and she has moved up in my list of wise people.
13. Really cute but effective reading glasses that I now leave everywhere..
14. A really good magnifying mirror and good tweezers..
15. That the above statement makes my husband laugh and not go ewwwh!
16. Football and NFL cable packages that make it the only show on our television for 4 months...
17. That UofM at least won a few games unlike the Lions..
18. There are approximately less then 1300 days left until I can move south!
19. Credit card bills that are paid in full.
20. Being an equal in all ways with my spouse.
21. The challenge of an intellectual mind during a heated political debate..
22. The U.S. military for their service to this country to keep my ability to be free in all choices.
23. I can wear jeans, swear, drink, marry and divorce freely, and have rights as an equal to my male counterparts without fear of death or punishment.
24. Blues music that touches my soul..
25. Anyone who can get in touch with their inner self and express it thru art
26. For my mind and the ability to get as much knowledge as i can possibly fit into it..
27. For cookies and milk at night..
28. For people who do not judge but love unconditionally..
29. For my grandfather...he is over 90 and has lived the life we should all learn from..hard work, simple foods, good humor and simple joys.
30. I love football..thanks to the years sitting in the cold watching my athletically gifted child.
31. my love of cooking, and my mom teaching me how..
32. the pulse and rhythm of the big cities and loving them all.
33. the resilience and endurance of the people of new orleans.
34. People who get my lack of filter, and the over rated belief of political correctness.
35. Trust in the majority to be correct, but enough sense to know that "following the crowd mentality" is not my buy in.
36. My dad for teaching me the value of economics, and his father teaching me the true meaning of free market enterprise.
37. When people chose the right thing without reward, publicity or recognition...
38. People who have forgiving hearts and open minds as the base of their personality.
39. my boss for leading me to personal growth and awareness...
40. my upbringing in a small town.
41. my is a place that I spend many days thinking about with endless possibilities!

Hope you all have a great holiday..peace, joy and take time to say thank you for the things in your life that have made you happy, grateful or just laugh..