Monday, June 8, 2009

Common Sense...

Funny thing about me.. I am not often thought of as the poster child for rational ideas and strategically aligned and consecutive thought patterns...Yet, I am struggling with the insanity of our world and the total lack of common sense rational use of brain tissue of society....

I just finished reading about a town in California that is now criminalizing banks for the blight of homes that have been foreclosed upon and now sit abandoned in high priced neighborhoods with lawns over grown, and pools filled with breeding ponds of yuck.. The author interviewed a well meaning town spokesperson who stated that by "criminalizing" the situation they are finally getting the banks attention and getting things fixed in these homes..


How incredibly pathetic for all involved...and you and I my friends continue to pay for this lunacy..

I don't care how you feel about home foreclosure and banks..the bottom line is that no one wants to be accountable, and no one again desires to sit down and "Problem Solve" this situation for America..Some of us feel that home owners who got in over their heads or lost their jobs should have some type of accountability for their choices. Others of us feel that the banks shouldn't have loaned the money in the first place..

Irregardless..looking back we are all responsible..and now those of us still working, still paying taxes and living in our own devalued and over priced homes will continue to pay for the attempts to correct the problem..and the attempts thus far have been fruitless bureaucratic tax wrought nightmares of increasing regulation and little result..

Solution that seems so simple yet not given? Let the original home owner live in the home and maintain the home with a monthly check system to verify that the home is being maintained while it is placed on the for sale market. Have the homeowner sign a lease with legal ramifications for damages or disrepair that occurs while they legally "squat" in their homes. Place the criminal action on the home owner but give them a cheap place to live with their family while they try to redefine their lives...

As a neighbor, I keep my neighbors and know that the home will be in the same shape it has always been in. For the home owner, they can allow their children to stay in school, and not panic about loss of home along with loss of job while they start at ground zero and over with their lives. For the banks, the home is maintained, utilities remain on and the devaluation risks diminish from a home being occupied rather then vacant and unkempt..For you and I as tax payers..the entire situation sucks..but at least in this scenario our neighborhoods should cease to look like wastelands and the banks decreased loss should help us or our children in the future financially..

But again..common sense does not exist in the vocabulary of society..I wonder if Webster even has it in the book any longer?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Health Care Reform

Funny times..I am in D.C. doing some "visits" or briefings as they are called in our world regarding the proposed health care reforms and medicare changes. It has been enlightening.

I have met some very interesting individuals and had discussion topics brought up regarding these issues. The most interesting thing for me has been the "silo" effect long term care has in regard to our thinking everyone is aware of our concerns, services and outcomes.

We, that is long term care/nursing homes/skilled nursing homes and assisted livings represent 1% of the total GNP for America, in Michigan it is probably now higher. Yet, we assume our message of services and product is out there for all to know. The sad fact is that very few of the Congressmen we met with truly grasp the entire story of who we are.

There is no easy answer to what needs to happen to health care. Even in our own organization we are all over the page regarding desired outcomes, reform ideas and program changes.

However, there is one thing that must happen; this must be a multi-party idea generation and change thinking process for it to be successful. I am dismayed to hear that the current planning is being done in very quiet secluded meetings excluding many people from the table, including long term care and the conservative thinkers about spending..Two very big mistakes that will doom to failure any program that is brought out.

Funny, the first thing I learned as a leader was the concept of team buy in and consensus. Perhaps it is my naitevity or lack of large ego that gives me cause to seek consensus on major projects..

I guess my first lesson from D.C. is the need to get a bigger ego, and lose some ideals of leadership basics..Intellectuals don't need to be told what the people really need..they simply know what is best because of their higher level of intelligence and superior level of understanding..