Thursday, June 4, 2009

Health Care Reform

Funny times..I am in D.C. doing some "visits" or briefings as they are called in our world regarding the proposed health care reforms and medicare changes. It has been enlightening.

I have met some very interesting individuals and had discussion topics brought up regarding these issues. The most interesting thing for me has been the "silo" effect long term care has in regard to our thinking everyone is aware of our concerns, services and outcomes.

We, that is long term care/nursing homes/skilled nursing homes and assisted livings represent 1% of the total GNP for America, in Michigan it is probably now higher. Yet, we assume our message of services and product is out there for all to know. The sad fact is that very few of the Congressmen we met with truly grasp the entire story of who we are.

There is no easy answer to what needs to happen to health care. Even in our own organization we are all over the page regarding desired outcomes, reform ideas and program changes.

However, there is one thing that must happen; this must be a multi-party idea generation and change thinking process for it to be successful. I am dismayed to hear that the current planning is being done in very quiet secluded meetings excluding many people from the table, including long term care and the conservative thinkers about spending..Two very big mistakes that will doom to failure any program that is brought out.

Funny, the first thing I learned as a leader was the concept of team buy in and consensus. Perhaps it is my naitevity or lack of large ego that gives me cause to seek consensus on major projects..

I guess my first lesson from D.C. is the need to get a bigger ego, and lose some ideals of leadership basics..Intellectuals don't need to be told what the people really need..they simply know what is best because of their higher level of intelligence and superior level of understanding..

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