Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Be wary of the hand that feeds you..it may choke you tomorrow..

A lesson to AIG....

When times were good, and you were a private company making significant money, you probably deserved lavish raises and bonuses. As a believer of free markets, it is my belief that as a private owner it is the right of a company and it's board to reward those who make it money.

When times became bad, your ethics and true values became apparent. This behavior, like those of your other large corporate failing brethren have left a sour taste in the mouths of Americans. Especially when the dollars you have so lavishly received from our government are being taken from the pay checks of average hard working Americans, who are struggling to put food on the table and are shopping at salvation army for their family.

The very behavior of such companies during these hard economic times will be the destruction of free market beliefs in this country. Public outcry to destroy and control such companies will lead this country into a socialized government..pathetically sad that business did this to itself..not all business..some very big businesses where greed got in the way of ethics and value based choices..

I have struggled with my belief in free markets because of this uncontrolled behavior. I have struggled with government buyouts..I have been taught that when you screw up, you own your mistake and you fix it on your own..perhaps with some well placed guidance, but always on my own..

We are screaming as a society about this entitlement behavior, but it is the same behavior that we ourselves espouse to our young people, it is our own belief about things at work...we have lost all sense of personal accountability for our actions and taking the lumps with our mistakes.

Well AIG, you are no longer private. You are no longer self controlling..that money you took so willingly is going to come at a price. Each of you who are getting bonuses deserve the public scrutiny, public outcry and anger. I anticipate that your names will be public knowledge in a very short time; I imagine that your neighbors and church members will shun you; you will get hate mail and be publicly called out by strangers for your greed. It will be interesting to watch the non reactions that I assume you will have..only soul less individuals could live a good life knowing that they money they are receiving is not only undeserved but morally wrong to accept.

Yes the price you will pay for taking the tax payer dollar, is the tax payer outrage..let us hope and pray it does not resort to violence...