Thursday, February 1, 2007

Regulating Bad Habits

I had a little rant this week at work. Apparently, the need to ban trans fats has made it to my state, and the debate has begun. Needless to say; I have significant opinion about giving the government control over our bad habits and choices regarding our health. Why is it that we think the government can regulate our habits better then we can on our own? And if I chose to eat a greasy, disgusting piece of food, why should they have any say in my choice of purchasing and eating of this item?

If you think about this debate on a level away from your health, and place it in the "government control" category, it is really very scary...The level of decision making we are giving away as citizens, owners of restaurants, food producers and business is frightening. It is being spun as a "health positive" law and it is being supported by the majority of Americans with very little thought regarding the implications from the control that we are giving to our local, state and federal governments. Not to mention the cost of enforcement; are we actually going to have "fat police?" and what about the penalty? I can see it now, Polish baker arrested on Fat Tuesday for using transfat to fry packzi, punchke or however you spell those lovely little balls of fried dough that surround jelly of multiple flavors.. I cannot imagine they will taste the same baked.

What about the cost for the polish baker? How do we propose he or she is able to accomodate their current cooking styles, menus and practices? It most certainly is going to be cost prohibitive for some of them. I can see a whole new type of criminal taking to the urban streets of America. No longer are the tourists simply approached for purses or watches, we have added "food" to the list of illegal items to be sold...Only in America....