Monday, July 7, 2008

Putting my money where my mouth is..

As an advocate for personal responsibility; I have finally put my money where my mouth; or in the blog world, where my thoughts have guided my fingers to type...I purchased a long term care policy for myself and significant other this week.

As a cynic of the state of American health care; I do not for one moment believe that our government, society or culture will be able to sustain care at the current level on the tax dollar as the supporter of such services. Quite frankly with over 25 years left until I can actually "collect" my portion of the social security pie; I am going to be left pretty hungry for a few years..

Taking that perspective; I decided it was time to be responsible, something more of us need to decide to do. I have traded up the two pair of designer shoes per month habit; for a sensible long term care package that will provide me and my signifcant other with care for up to 8 years. I guess turning 40 shed new light for me on thinking beyond how great my toes look in the red spike anne kleins...oh my the signs of aging...